Main research interests

Health Economics, Mental Health Economics and Applied Micro-Econometrics.

Selected Publications

"Competition and the role of group identity", with Paolo Masella and Michalis Drouvelis, Journal of Economic Behavior &
Organisation, June 2019, Volume 162, 136-145.

“Locus of control and its intergenerational implications for early childhood skill formation", with Warn N. Lekfuangfu, Nele Warrinnier and Nattavudh Powdthavee, Economic Journal, 2018,128(608), 298-329.

“Mental Health and Education Decisions”, with Elena Crivellaro and Sandra McNally, Labour Economics, Volume 33, April 2015, Pages 1–12.

“What predicts a successful life? A Life-Course Model of Well-Being”, with Richard Layard, Nick Powdthavee, Andrew Clark and James Vernoit, Economic Journal, 2014, 124 (November), F720-F738.

“Crime and Mental Wellbeing”, with Andrew Leigh and Naomi Feldman, Journal of Human Resources, Winter 2014, vol. 49, no. 1, 110-140.

“Taxes, Cigarette Consumption, and Smoking Intensity: Reply”, with Jérôme Adda, American Economic Review, 103(7), 2013, 3102-14.

“The Effect of Bans and Taxes on Passive Smoking”, with Jérôme Adda, American Economic Journal – Applied Economics, vol. 2, No.1, January 2010, 1-32.

“Prices, Cigarette Consumption and Smoking Intensity”, with Jérôme Adda, American Economic Review, Vol. 96, No. 4, September 2006, 1013-1028.

Chapters in Books/Conference Volumes

- “The Innovative Activities of Multinational Firms in Italy”, chapter 10 in Multinational Firms and impact on employment, trade and technology, with G. Balcet, edited by R. Lipsey and J-L Mucchielli, Harwood Press, 2001.

- “Job Creation and Job Destruction”, in Labour Mobility and Wage Dynamics in Italy, with C.Malpede, LABORatorio R.Revelli, Rosenber & Sellier, 2002.

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- “The Effect of Taxes and bans on Passive Smoking”, British Academy Review, issue 11, 2008.

- “Taxes, Cigarette Consumption, and Smoking Intensity”, in The Economics Of Health Behaviours, Edited by John Cawley and Donald S. Kenkel, Vol.III, part 2, 2008.